Best Ways To Integrate Mobility Into Your Mobile Marketing Strategy!

In recent years, changing technologies has greatly impacted the ways we interact. The use of mobile devices has created a major shift in the ways small and large businesses are reaching out to potential customers. The need to integrate mobile media in marketing programs has [...]

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How Mobile Marketing Can Help Your Business Connect With Consumers!

Mobile consumers have become your general population, so it’s important to know how to engage them. Mobile devices aren’t only used for making phone calls anymore. Today, consumers shop, watch videos, check sports scores, play games, use social apps and stay in touch with family [...]

Is Your Website Smart Enough for Smartphones?

When it comes to businesses, marketing has always been a critical component. With today’s fast-paced and constantly changing technologies, businesses rely even more on marketing. But the ways of marketing have changed, and in order to keep up with this competitive game, businesses need to [...]

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Mobile Websites Are Cooking Up More Profits For Restaurants Owners

If you are in the restaurant trade, you rely on word of mouth to ensure repeat customers. Did you know that mobile websites are rapidly becoming a must-have for anyone who owns a catering establishment. As more and more people are switching to web-friendly smart-phones [...]

Are You Ready To Quit Your Business? SMS Marketing Is Transforming Fortunes

If times are hard and you can't seem to make any great improvements then you must take a look at the concept of SMS marketing, otherwise known as text messaging. If you've dismissed the idea of sending out text messages because you think it's spam [...]

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Mobile Marketing – Are You Reaching the “SuperConnecteds?”

Forrester shared in a new report that only 7% of adults are non-reachable through mobile marketing. Why? Well because they don’t own a mobile phone. That opens up a large percentage of adults that are reachable. VentureBeat shared some important information from the report. For instance, adult [...]

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