The digital revolution has transformed the ways in which we interact and communicate online. As consumers, we are using mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones to access the web more and more each day. In fact, there are over 91.4 million smartphones out there today and over 40% of them use their smartphones to search the web. We at Web Marketing Smart Solutions believe that your business must meet the demands of today. This is why we encourage mobile friendly websites.

When your customers search for you online using their mobile devices, will they see the same website they can access on their desktops and laptops? If you answered yes, then you will most likely lose a potential client. A user should not be forced to stretch, squeeze or enlarge content on their tablet or smartphone to be able to interact with your website. Instead, they should see a sleek and easy to use and navigate mobile version of your website.

Mobile optimized websites are necessary in today’s digitally forward world. If your potential customers are searching for you using their tablets and smartphones, it only makes sense for you to go mobile too. Web Marketing Smart Solutions is dedicated to designing responsive mobile websites that are creative, simple, user-friendly and most important of all, in-line with current mobile design standards and trends.