Mobile Friendly Website – Welcome to the Revolution

Look around you in any crowded area like a mall, a bar, a restaurant or even a busy Doctors office and what do you see? Mobile phones. They’re everywhere, literally. Nearly 50% of all Americans now have a mobile ‘smart phone’ and they take them [...]

Mobile Friendly Websites Drive Direct Results

Everywhere you look on the web you find surveys and statistics about businesses getting results from their mobile friendly website. You also hear about those businesses that are getting left in the dust. We continue to emphasize how important it is for your business to [...]

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What Your Customer is Looking For On Your Mobile Website?

We know that people browse on a mobile device much differently than they do when they are sitting at their desktop. You normally will not find someone surfing the Internet on his or her mobile device. They usually are hunting for something very specific. We [...]

What Do Mobile Users Want Most From Your Mobile Website?

Many business owners get it, and some, not so much. You have to create the ultimate ideal mobile experience for users. Don’t get us wrong…this doesn’t have to be a complicated project but you do have to understand what your customers will be looking for [...]

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Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Friendly Website?

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Friendly Website? Let’s talk about some basic statistics … According to comScore - 2012, four out of five consumers use mobile devices to shop Up from 19% in 2011 to 34% this year, consumers are using mobile devices to [...]

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