Amazon Brings Light to the New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReaders Highlights Amazon does it again with the new Kindle Paperwhite. If you struggled with the old Kindle reader you will be impressed with the new features of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The new LED front-lit touch screen brings us a higher [...]

Kindle Fire and Spotify Extend Their Mobile Music Reach!

Spotify announced on Tuesday, August 7th that their digital music service is now available to Kindle Fire users through the Amazon App service. This anticipated announcement has thrilled many Fire users with the ability to be able to listen to music through Spotify on their [...]

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Kindle Puts A Fire Under Apple!

You would have had to be living under a rock for the past year or so, if you haven't heard the big Tablet PC debate. Amazon's Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble's Nook or Apple's iPad; these are the top three tablets computers that are making [...]

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