There are now millions of websites because people and businesses are acknowledging that the Internet superhighway is the way to the future. If you want to be successful in your business you have to get into web marketing.

There are two kinds of businesses that go into Internet marketing—those with offline stores and those with just online shops. But in both cases, they have to aggressively market their products and services to their target audience.

But is having a website enough? Websites are good in establishing web presence. It is like having a headquarters on the Internet. People can go to your website and get to know your company and the products and services you have to offer. But having just an address on the net is not enough. You have to advertise and market it through different online avenues.

At present, there are many Internet marketing options, such as email marketing, pay per click, pay per post, blog advertising, affiliate marketing, among other strategies. A lot of them work but there are also those that do not.

So if you have a website or you are selling some products online, how do you choose which Internet marketing tactic will make your business successful? The answer is in web analytics. Now that you have already established your Internet marketing avenues, you have to measure online success so that you will know which strategy had been most effective for you and worth your investment. In other cases, is the same avenue but you have to change tactics.

A good web analytics would be something that will give you a report each month, like the monthly ROI review. It is also a web marketing service that measures how well your campaigns have worked in a particular month. Perhaps a more appropriate term for Internet marketing is (ROE) Return of Engagement – instead of the ROI that is used in the business world. What is being measured is the response rate of your audience – or even the fact that your e-mail was opened. Response rate or engagement rate does not necessarily result to the desired action like purchase or use of service. For example a potential client sends you an e-mail inquiring about your web design service. This inquiry was a result of your marketing efforts and is what you call a Return of Engagement. However, whether that potential client is compelled to use your service or decides to use another service is not directly seen in the ROI review. It does give you an accurate snapshot of your ROE – which logically is a good way of determining ROI.

In a glance, the reports generated from the monthly ROI review will be able to tell you the campaign’s, as well as the company’s performance month by month against the factors that affect the market, such as seasons, paydays, calamities, and the like. It would be easier to track down the habits of your market and how they respond to the internet marketing strategies that you implement.

You can easily correct strategies that do not work because web analytics will show you which campaigns have generated negative responses from the consumer. Troubleshooting mistakes in campaigns become effortless with this solution in place.

Web marketing is essential, yet it can get tricky. But if you tread the right avenues and utilize resources like web analytics, your company’s chances for a successful ROE/ROI increase. Many people have already experienced success, you can too.

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By Vadood khosroshahi

Co-founder Web Marketing Solutions

February 22, 2012