How do you measure online success with web analytics?

Having a website is not the measure of online success. At present, there are millions of websites because the internet is the way to go for all businesses. If you want to become successful in your online and offline business, you have to invest in web marketing.

Businesses with offline branches or stores and those that only offer their businesses online can both benefit from internet marketing. You can reach more people with less effort and expense.

However, having a website is not enough. Having one is just like having an online address, but it does not mean that people will automatically know where to find it. And with the number of websites nowadays, your website could just be buried. That is why aside from setting up web presence, you need to promote your website through internet marketing. You can employ many different tools such as pay per click, affiliate marketing, email marketing, paid posting, blog advertising, social networking, and many others. Depending on what you are offering, some of these strategies work and some don’t.

So how do you determine which of your marketing efforts are working and which aren’t? How do you measure online success? The answer lies in web analytics.

Web analytics allows any web publisher to determine which of his or her online marketing efforts are working. These also gives them information about their target market such as how old they are, what pages they visited, what time of the day they are usually online, and other distinguishable online habits.

A good web analytics tool would be one that will turn out a monthly report. One such effective tool that a lot of publishers are using is the monthly ROI review. The name is appropriate because after all, you invest money in your marketing campaigns so you should know where your money is going and if it is raking in the results that you want. Some of the things that you will determine from using this tool are the number of people reached, demographics, as well as the time of day that they are most likely to access their computers and log on to the internet.

Problem factors are easily identified so that your marketing team can also address them immediately. The monthly ROI review may be a paid service but it is a reliable tool. You may probably find other free review services but if the results are not reliable then you are getting the results you need. If you are willing to spend for internet marketing, then you would have to spend some more in order to analyze your campaigns. In the long run, web analytics / monthly ROI review will prove to be cost efficient solutions.

Web marketing is quite similar, but remarkably different than traditional methods. However, with the right tools like monthly ROI review to analyze your efforts, you will most likely experience a good success rate for your campaigns.

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By Vadood Khosroshahi

Co-founder Web Marketing Solutions

March 19, 2012