Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

eReader Gets Glowing


This 6-inch glowing eReader is everything that Amazon Kindle readers have been waiting for! With a whiter, brighter and evenly lit screen reading in the dark or in dimly lighted areas is no problem for this device. This may be one of the best eReader devices ever made according to Amazon Kindle Paperwhite reviews. Click Here To Learn More!Don’t own a

Have You Been Holding Out?

Kindle yet? Are you still carrying books around with you everywhere you go? No worries…this is the time to buy! The Kindle Paperwhite is the device to own if you are a reader. With access to over 180,000 books, you can download a book in less than 60-seconds. As a Kindle owner, you also have access to exclusive titles as well as the opportunity to join the Kindle  Owner Lending Library. Now you can enjoy that totally mobile lifestyle that allows you to  carry your entire library with you; all in one device! This new Kindle comes to us with a new

What Is So Different, You Ask?

 LED front-lit screen which gives you a higher resolution and contrast. With 62% more pixels, this device improves the resolution far greater than past devices. If you are the owner of any of the other Kindle eReaders you can understand how excited we are about this new device. Struggling to read at night was a chore and created eye strain. Amazon’s new ‘front-light’  technology pushes light from above so it never shines directly in your face. This reduces eye strain and gives us a more comfortable reading experience.The new Kindle Paperwhite  gives us two additional features that have not been available in other Kindle devices. Have you ever been reading a book and you are deep in a chapter but just can’t finish the chapter before you put the book down? You end up leafing through the book to see how much further you have before you finish the chapter… if it’s a few pages you will muster through.  Kindle must know that we all do this so they created the ‘Next Time to Read’ feature. It assesses your reading speed and lets you know how long it will take you to finish a chapter. Click Here to Learn More! One of our favorite features is the ‘X-Ray’ option that allows you to  get deeper into a fictional character, learn more about a historical event or learn more information about a topic. It allows you to find out relevant information about the book…you get the opportunity to get beneath the surface. Paperwhite also taps into Wikipedia and Amazon’s Shelfari for information. The Kindle Paperwhite brings Amazon eReaders to the

Compare Before You Buy!

front once again. The comparison to the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight  brings the Paperwhite out on top. While the Nook brought LED lighting to the eReader,  Amazon improved upon their performance to bring better clarity and crispness to the text.  The text on the Paperwhite is darker and crisper creating a more desirable reading screen.  The new LED lighting is much less fatiguing than a back lit device, as found in tablets. We  also found that none of the competitors have an ecosystem like Amazon. It is hard to compete with the selection that Amazon offers.Reading at night is a good experience with

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 the lighting display in comparison to the other versions of Kindle because you don’t need an additional light…It was also very convenient on a plane ride at night as I was able to see the full pageof the text vs. a light attachment only reaching most of the screen: there are no impediments to the reading screen.” Michael – Amazon Website “This is where the Paperwhite really shines. The display is absolutely beautiful…The Paperwhite has an improved e-ink display, which is sharper, has improved contrast and resolution, and uses front-lit technology with its built-in light.” Scott – Amazon Website The more amazon kindle Paperwhite reviews we read, the more convinced we are that this is probably the best Kindle product so far. The experience of the Paperwhite brings the emotion back of reading a real book, with its touchscreen that allows you to turn the page with a swipe of the screen. But Amazon didn’t stop there; they added a finish to the screen that gives your hand the feeling of a real book – nice touch! The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite reviews have been nothing short of exciting. This new touchscreen reader gives you the ultimate reading experience! You can shop wirelessly with Kindle Paperwhite for books, newspapers, blogs and even games. So if you have been waiting for the right time – this is it! Make Your Purchase Today! With the holidays coming up, it makes a great gift for family and friends and even for you!