Nowadays, being mobile is a must for any small business. Indeed, every business has to keep up to date with modern marketing strategies to remain competitive in the market. With the help of a custom mobile app, it becomes possible to share the business content and simultaneously keep in touch with the on-the-go customers. It goes beyond argument that a mobile application will turn the tide of your business strategies. Alongside this, a custom app is a real booster for running a profit margin. To find out more which way the application can make money for your small business, keep on reading this article.

Better brand recognition

A custom app will contribute a lot to your brand recognition. In fact, it will make it more viable for your target customers. It is also essential to take into account that your application has to perform two functions. The first is to generate a value for your clients, while the second is to serve as an effective means for your brand advertising. By performing these functions,  your brand will become sooner a household word among your customers. Consequently, with the better brand recognition, the customers are more likely to buy your product or services.

As an option, also consider app release under the wing of mobile brands and carriers. This is an additional way of getting a percentage of the revenues from selling the product by a well-regarded name.

Powerful marketing booster

Your custom app may serve as a direct marketing channel for your business. Needless to say, the small businesses can’t afford heavy expenses on marketing. Thus, a social media contribute to handling this issue. It goes without saying that people spend hours on social networks. Why not take advantage of this fact? Consider building a mobile social application. For this reason, it makes sense to choose between the active and passive strategy of using social media in the app. The active one covers encouraging customers to purchase your product by offering them a discount for a re-post or a review.  At the same time, the passive strategy provides social sharing of the positive experience the users have when dealing with your product.

Advertisement host

It goes without saying that some small businesses can generate more profit from hosting a dynamic ad insertion in the app, rather than selling the products themselves. In this manner, an advertising bar in your application is a honeypot for your business.

Premium and freemium app versions

Moreover, including in-app purchasing will factor into getting more revenues with your custom app. It is also worth mentioning that the development of a free and a paid ad-free version of your app will make a difference in financial terms. Besides, such app monetization option as a freemium strategy should also be taken into your consideration. A freemium application enables a customer to get content for free but with limited functionality. In case a user needs some extra-functions, the app offers him/her to buy a premium access. This method encourages customers to buy the application by enabling them to try it first.

Reward and loyalty programmes

Building loyalty or reward programme for the mobile application is a brilliant idea to keep your customers always engaged and also deliver repeat clients. As an option, you can make a survey of your customers which kind of revenues they would like to get.  This way you can not only optimize your marketing strategy but also make your clients feel more appreciated.

Sales geo-targeting

Such feature as a mobile geo-targeting enables the small businesses to get a clear idea where and when the users are using the app. In such a manner, they can get time and location-specific messages. For instance, your selling custom app may send special offers to all the customers who are nearby the store at the moment.

Retargeting option

Unlike the websites, a selling mobile app can send push notification to the customers about their unfinished orders. This can incline them to complete the order or make a new one. There are some approaches how to do it the most efficiently. First, analyze customer’s search and shopping history. It will help you focus on the client’s preferences and make your special offers more targeted and specific. Second, research customers’ behavioral models to monitor their unfinished actions. This way, you will be able to send him/her reminders to complete the order.


In fact, being in constant communication with your customers and provide them with excellent service is a roadmap to success. As a matter of fact, small businesses are less likely to launch their application. Hence, making a brand-new application is a crucial chance for your business to come into the spotlight and be competitive in the market.

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