Website design and development use to be a difficult task to accomplish, which is why it was out of budget for many people. But now, web designers are already a dime a dozen. You can conveniently read through online tutorials about web development and if you can understand some coding and computer programming, you may have the confidence to start building your own website.

WordPress and many other Content Management Systems, with their many free templates and plugins make website designing even easier. However, one should be cautious with those plugins as they may have bugs that may affect the functionality of the whole website, also be aware that not any website designed and developed by these type of tools are suitable for any businesses, experience tells me that they are limited for some type of websites, please visit Web Marketing Solutions for more details.

Just like products, however, not all websites are the same. The website’s design gives you the first impression because it is what you initially see. Even if a web design looks very simple it is not surprising to know that a lot of programming and coding went on in the back end to achieve that bare simplicity, simplicity is not easy.

Other than the web design however, there are other elements that need to be considered when one is mulling over web design and development.

So what do you think are the elements that make a good website? Depending on its purpose, here are the top three elements that I think would make a good website.

1. It has clean coding. This means that like proper English, the computer language used is formal, complete with punctuations and capitalization. It does not have a litter of useless characters that make the codes messy and sometimes unstable with errors and failure.

2. It is structured for Search Engine Optimizations. This means the website is friendly to search engines. Search engines do not look at the design elements of a website because it cannot understand graphics. Rather, it looks at the contents that have been well handled by codes. Your h1, h2, and h3 tags as well as your keywords should easily be recognizable by the search engine’s robots so that when a visitor makes a search your website will come out on the first page. It does not matter how nice and sleek your website is if people cannot find it.

3. If you are selling a product or service, your website should have complete information about your company, your products/services, and your contact details as well as “take action” button. It would be best if you have online forms available that the client can just conveniently fill up. All these data should be easily navigable and placed preferably above the fold (where you see important elements without scrolling down) because people do not really spend so much time in one site. If they do not find what they are looking for at first glance, they will more likely jump to another site as suggested by the search engine.

When you already have a website, then it follows that you also invest time and effort in internet or web marketingto promote your products and services further. This will boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) and improve your ranking against competing websites.

Now that everyone can just easily start a website to promote something, it does not mean that every site is exceptional. There are so many haphazardly done websites all over the internet that sometimes I think making and maintaining one is just a waste of money. I am sure that if you check the web analytics of some of these sites, you will know the difference because the numbers don’t lie. So if you see a flashy looking website, don’t be fooled. That is just aesthetics. The more important part is what is not seen.

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By Vadood Khosroshahi

Co-founder Web Marketing Solutions

February 9, 2012