That’s a great question and we have the answer! Many business owners think that having a mobile friendly website means you can pull their existing website up on your mobile device. Not so. A mobile website is one that gives the mobile user information quickly and easily.

For instance, we know that most users are looking for important retail tasks such as:

  • Give me directions to your business and your hours
  • Locate product information
  • Make a purchase or order a product
  • Or contact the store by phone

Your mobile website should be fast loading and give quick access to business information, as well as be mobile friendly. Remember customers are using a small mobile device where real estate is important. So use it wisely by making items easy to search with large, easy to see and use buttons. If your mobile website follows these simple rules, your customers will come back to your site and will utilize it. That’s really what we want, correct? Give your customers a good experience and they will come back!

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By Vadood Khosroshahi