We are seeing a direct correlation between a business brand and mobile website. Building a strong reputation starts with a mobile friendly website. The more consumers engage with your business through mobile marketing, the more you begin to build your brand.

Many business owners follow the path of progression. For instance, when the Internet became popular, businesses started showcasing websites. As technology transforms, so does the way we do business. Now here we are in the same spot with mobile-based websites. Many businesses are still not onboard, not really understanding why they have to be accessible on a smartphone.

Consumers have become very task oriented because time is important to them. Therefore more consumers are using their smartphones in places like their car, the office, and the airport. Gone are the days when you had to be sitting in front of a desktop to order your daughter flowers for her birthday. Instead consumers are using smartphones whenever and wherever they have a few minutes. So you may find less usage on your website and more activity on your mobile platform. Is your mobile website ready to back your reputation and brand?

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By Vadood Khosroshahi