If you already have a business model in place, the next step is to evaluate your need for mobile apps

They are everywhere around us. Everywhere you look you see smartphones and tablets. People utilizing technology to function in everyday life, using applications to make hotel reservations, dinner reservations, or locate a restroom. Mobile marketing on our smartphones and tablets has become the norm for most of us. We use mobile applications in any way we can to make our lives easier and a little less complicated. Used once or daily they all have a purpose.

Smartphone users want instantaneous satisfaction whereas tablet users are found to be more leisurely browsers. Simply put, mobile apps have to be able to differentiate between the two. Creating mobile apps for a smartphone requires the user to be able to do what he or she needs done quickly and easily. The tablet user is a mix between the standard website and smartphone app. The app can’t be too complicated for the tablet; however, it can be more detailed than a smartphone app.

That being said businesses have to understand where their best market is in order to create sales potential using mobile applications. If you already have a business model in place, the next logical step is to evaluate your need for a mobile application. They are not necessary for every business, but if you see a way to expand your business to smartphone users and tablet users, by all means, do a little research.

Let’s take for instance a hotel chain that offers points or rewards to their best customers. These are customers that travel a lot! They are probably making reservations on the go, and what better way to service them than to have a mobile app that automatically recognizes them and allows them to book a room at a moments notice and do it quickly. By allowing them to create a profile that carries their preferences, they only need to find a hotel and click on the room of their choice. No need to enter name, address, credit card info, etc. You get the picture. Simplistic is what users want when they use a smartphone application for your business.

Running a profitable mobile application is using mobile marketing to enhance your business. Whether it is through brand loyalty in support of what you already do, or by giving the consumer something they need instantly where they get the mobile app one time and use it and then never touch it again. You find the need, and they will come!

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By Vadood Khosroshahi