If times are hard and you can’t seem to make any great improvements then you must take a look at the concept of SMS marketing, otherwise known as text messaging. If you’ve dismissed the idea of sending out text messages because you think it’s spam then take a second look right now.

This is real and legitimate and if you choose the right system to send out messages it can actually be one of the most cost effective means of growing your customer base. People are only just warming up to the idea of using SMS marketing as a viable means of generating new business and it is going to explode as companies find out for themselves about the benefits. So if your business is going nowhere fast then read on.

These days you simply cannot keep on doing the same old things time and time again and expect the same old results. Yes there are techniques that have worked for decades and will still work, like good old fashioned talking, but if you fail to innovate and keep up with the times then your business will get left behind in the shadows of more successful companies, so timing really is the key. The time is right now.

SMS messaging is no longer the toy of spammers. When used properly, it is a very effective sales tool that can do wonders.

For a start, your text message will be sent immediately to your prospects and over 90% of the messages actually get read. This open-rate is quite staggering, especially when you think about traditional marketing like email. Most of those can end up in the trash folder on their computer and never be seen.

SMS marketing is extremely cost effective and sending out a targeted campaign can literally cost just pennies per message. Compare this to sending out a solo ad to targeted customers. These can cost you anywhere from 20 cents up to 40 cents and more just to get one person to see your message – insane isn’t it!

If you advertise online using paid advertising such as with Google Adwords, again you can pay anything up to $2 or more just to get someone to click through and read your sales message so it really does make so much sense to look at all forms of advertising and run test campaigns.

If you are running a tight budget then SMS messaging offers a very unique opportunity to send out a legitimate advertising campaign that won’t break the bank. There is no need to print out promotional literature, wait weeks for printing, shipping and delivery schedules. Sending out your message via SMS marketing will give you the figures you need at your fingertips within hours.

You will know, for a very low cost whether or not your campaign was a profitable one or not. Using an online software based service is certainly the way to go. An established company will have worked out all the kinks in their delivery mechanisms and so will be able to assist you to get the best results.

Right now there is very little competition when using this marketing method so there is nothing to lose by trying a cost effective campaign and a little bit of research has revealed case studies showing increases of sales by up to 300% which is very exciting! It’s equally suitable for any size of business small, medium or large. When choosing a SMS text marketing service, a full-service company is chosen because they can offer so much more.

Things like training, free support and a number of key attributes like 2-way texting, QR codes, mobile polls, mobile keywords and even coupons can all be taken care of. If you want more growth then why not set up a campaign for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. When your sales increase and your costs are kept low, this really is a no brainer.

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By Vadood Khosroshahi