We found a statistic online from Website Magazine that was printed in April of 2009…it stated, “the mobile boom might finally be upon us. Of those surveyed, 71% anticipate they will use the mobile web daily over the next two years.” That was over three years ago and look where we are today.

In 2009 they were anticipating consumers purchasing from the mobile web. Since that time we have many statistics to back up this prediction. Many business owners took heed and started early. Many businesses did not. Even today, in 2012, many business owners have not converted their desktop website to a mobile friendly version.

Well here is another prediction from Google. They state that by 2015, Americans will access the mobile web more than desktop. If you missed the warning in 2009, don’t miss this one. Take action now and get your mobile friendly website started now.

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By Vadood Khosroshahi