Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReaders Highlights

Amazon does it again with the new Kindle Paperwhite. If you struggled with the old Kindle reader you will be impressed with the new features of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The new LED front-lit touch screen brings us a higher resolution with 62% more pixels for a better resolution and 25% more contrast.

If you currently enjoy the classic Kindle, this one warrants the upgrade. Wait to you see some of the new upgrades to this Amazon Kindle Paperwhite!

  • LED light gives the Kindle Paperwhite eReaders an even light on the screen that provides an excellent reading experience with reduced eye-strain. It displays crisp images and words with no glare; even in the sunlight. We found that once you find the brightness setting that works for you, there probably will not be a need to make further adjustments.
  • Up to an 8-week battery life with a built in Wi-Fi that allows you to download a book in less than 60 seconds.
  • Access to 180,000 exclusive Kindle titles, as well as the ability to join Kindle Prime Owner’s Lending Library.

However, that isn’t all. The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader added two new features such as, Next Time To Read – This new addition monitors your reading speed and will let you know when you will finish your next chapter. Our favorite is the X-ray feature that allows you to learn more about fictional characters, historical figures and places. It even uses Wikipedia and Amazon’s Shelfari.

Let Amazon Handle The Storage

The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite comes with 2GB of storage. We know…that was a concern of ours as well, but don’t worry. Your Kindle library is stored on the Amazon cloud and doesn’t need to take up space on your device. You can store up to 1,100 books with the ability to move books between the cloud and your device.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Reviews

You don’t have to take our word for it, let’s hear what others are saying about the Paperwhite:

“Reading at night is a good experience with the lighting display in comparison to the other versions of Kindle because you don’t need an additional light…It was also very convenient on a plane ride at night as I was able to see the full page of the text vs. a light attachment only reaching most of the screen: there are no impediments to the reading screen.” Michael – Amazon Website

“This is where the Paperwhite really shines. The display is absolutely beautiful…The Paperwhite has an improved e-ink display, which is sharper, has improved contrast and resolution, and uses front-lit technology with its built-in light.” Scott – Amazon Website

The more amazon Kindle Paperwhite reviews we read, the more convinced we are that this is probably the best Kindle product so far.

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By Vadood Khosroshahi